How does a Solar Water Heater Work?

The solar water heater is an electronic device that heats up the water using solar light. Solar water heater consists of an insulated tank painted black from the inside. The collectors or tubes are fitted in this tank in the form of a coil. The collectors are painted black from the outside. The tank is covered with a glass lid to prevent the loss of heat due to convection and radiation. The ends of the collectors are connected to the water storage tank. The cold water enters the storage tank from the bottom and flows into the collectors. The sunlight falls on the heating system and gets trapped inside the tank. As a result water inside the collectors starts getting heat up and becomes lighter in weight. The heavier cold water from a storage tank which is at relatively lower temperature flows down into the collectors. And the hot water that is lighter flows into the water storage tank. The circulation of water continues. The process by which the water gets heated is called a thermal siphon effect thus we get hot water by trapping solar energy.


  • Suitable For Hotels , Dairies , Canteens , Hospitals , Industries and House Holds Where Hot Water is Required 60 - 80 Degree Celsius .
  • Comes in Modular Starting From 100 L Capacity .
  • Works For About 320 Sunny Days .
  • The Water Heating During the Day isStored in an Insulated Tank and Can be Used in The Evening or Next Day in The Morning .
  • NO Recurring Fuel Cost and Low Miantanence Cost .
  • A 100 Liter System Saves About 1500 Units of Electricity and Avoids Emission of 1.5 Tones of Co2 Annnualy .
  • Depending Upon the Use , the Payback Period of the System Varies From 3-5 Years .
  • For Domestic Categories , Rebate in Electricity Bill @ Rs 100/ - Per Month per IPD Upto LPD .
  • Capacity System is Available For a Period of 3 Years .