Solar Security Fencing


Working principle : Solar fencing in the modern day’s alternative to the conventional type of perimeter protection. These are active fences and punish the unwelcome intruder the moment they touches the fence are try to temper the fence.The conventional fences are only passive fences and cannot resist the intruder if they try to forcibly intrude into the protected area. The solar fence gives a sharp, short, but a safe shock and creates psychological fear. Against tempering the alarm incorporated in the system gets activated and alerts the inmates of the protected area, which facilitates them to counter the unwelcome intruders.

The solar fence is scientific fence and works on solar energy with backup facility to run uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days. The whole system can be derived into two segments, one is the central control unit or solar power generating system unit and the other one is the Fence.

The solar PV module converts the sunshine into electrical energy and sends them to the unit through a backup battery. The unit takes 12 V supplies as input and energizes the same into high volt pulses in the range of about 7000 volts. These pulse will travel through the fencing wires at regular interval of 1.2 seconds and duration of each pulse will be 3 mille seconds.

Sun Energy Solar PV Module (12 V) Battery(12 V DC supply) Energizer >7000V in pulse rate, each pulse of 0.003 seconds at every1.2 seconds interval fence constructed

Technical Specifications

Input voltage 12 V DC
Input current 500 mA
Output voltage 7.0 KV to 9.9 KV
Peak current 7.5 A (500 Ohms Non induction load)
Pulse interval 1.2 second
Pulse duration 0.3 mille second
Output energy 2.5 joules
Whether proof unit