Type of Product Solar Cooker
Colour RED
Weight 10 Kg
45x45x20 cm


  • Food cooked with a solar cooker is healthy When cooking food with low heat, vitamins and other nutrients don’t break down. Furthermore solar cooked foods are free of mutagens and carcinogens produced by high-heat methods. 
  • Solar cooked food tastes amazing.
  • Solar cookers make no noise. As mentioned before, we have to use our generator when we need to cook. With the solar cooker there’s no noise and no smelly diesel fumes. 
  • Cooking with sunshine is kind to the environment 
  • Cooking with the sun empowers you to be more self-sufficient. 

Eco-Friendly Solar Cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize drink and other food items. It has a fiber body and German reflecting sheet which is more efficient and makes the cooker light weight, also as mirror is replaced with German reflecting sheet there are no chances of breakage during high wind velocity. The food cooked in this cooker is prepared on slow cooking method which helps preserve nutrients and vitamins of food. Generally there are delivery charges of such products which could get the price hiked, however the best part is this Eco-friendly Solar Cooker comes with free delivery across India. The Cooker has manual to use, however if our customer need any assistance regarding cooker as the product is new to many people, we also provide direct number of our dedicated team through which customer can clear their doubts and can also get in touch via video call or we can send instructional video to them for convenience. Happy Cooking.. :-)