Install Grid Connected Rooftop Solar System on Your Roof in Residential , Commercial , Industrial and Institutional Buildings and make your Roof Your Own Power House .
Meet Your Electricity Requirements and the excees Electricity can be fed to the Local , GRID .


  • A Minimum Vacant Roof Area Of 100sq.ft is Required For Installation Of Per KWp System .
  • A Single BI - Directional / net meter shall be installed for Export and Import  .
  • The Standard Equipments as per the norms of MNRE / Discom Shall only be Installed .


  •  Utilization for vacant rooftop for Power Generation . 
  • Can generate power for Self – Consumption and feed excess power off the Grid .
  • Provisions for Settlement of registered  Surplus energy fed to the Grid on a half Yearly basis .
  •  Reduction in Diesel consumption where DG Back up is provided .
  •  Reduce your electricity bill and save money payback period 
  • CASH Down -  3 - 4 Years .
  • Sell your own Green Power and Earn Money .
  • Make Mother Earth A Better Place To Live .