Hans Solar Renewable Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a Multi – Product Company – We have a Range of Product from –

  • 1. Led Home Light Solution
  • 2. Home Light Solution
  • 3. Off Grid Solar Power Solution
  • 4. ON – Grid Solar Power Solutions
  • 5. Solar Water Heater Solution
  • 6. Solar Fans Cooler Solution
  • 7. Solar Street Light Solution
  • 8. Solar Water Pump Solution
  • 9. Solar Lantern Solution
  • 10. Solar E – Rickshaw Solution
  • 11. Solar All Type of Product Solution

Company is Introducing now entire all Solar Solution . The Company continue to follow the guiding principles of business viz developing innovatie Product based on consumer research and focusing on customar Satisfaction and Delight Through highest Standard of Quality & Service .

The company belives that it strenght is the telented work force who remains motivated to exceed consomer Expectation and Create Customer Delight Always .

Our business Hum / Distributors and Hans Seva Kerdere in our progress and Expansion

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